winter salon 2017.jpg

Join us for our 2017 Winter Salon, a celebration of resistance throughout American history!

Each person should bring a short "Biography Day" blurb on someone who played a role in an American resistance movement (abolition, suffrage, civil rights, LGBT, mass incarceration, nuclear proliferation, etc.). 

The goal here is top-line brevity, just like in those elementary school reports ("Hi, my name is John Lennon, and I was a member of a famous band called The Beatles!"). Think 1-2 minutes max, focusing on the what/when/where and, most importantly, HOW, of their resistance.

Pick someone that inspires you, then email with who you want to present so we can make sure no one else is as inspired as you are. Friends are welcome.

This will be fun and educational and obviously there will be treats.

Long live the aristocracy of the plucky!