coming soon... SIDE of the STORY CH. 4!


Coming in 2017...

Our fourth chapter explores the royal mistreatment of Hawaii's first and only reigning lady monarch, Queen Lili'uokalani.

Having already experienced a lifetime of tragedy before taking the throne, Lili'u channeled that sadness into action by returning political power to her people... only to be overthrown by white men looking to protect their business interests rather than "submit" to a woman with decades of relevant experience.

You know, that old story.

our fourth short film!


The Initiative is in full swing with the production of our fourth tiny movie, SEA CHANGE. We had a splendid shoot yesterday in the Pacific Palisades, wrapping at magic hour with a rather... magical scene (pictured above).

Stay tuned!



Director/Writer: Mason Flink

Producer: The Norton School

Cast: Gianna Masi, Samantha Jacks

DP: Mason Flink

AD: Megan Rose Greene

Editor: Mason Flink

Production Sound/Sound Design: Dave McKeever

Composer: Mason Flink, Dave McKeever


our third short film!

Our short film initiative is off to a great start with The Norton School's third tiny movie, HEARTS OF PALM. We had a wonderful shoot a few weeks ago, back in the age when America's institutions weren't yet threatened by the rise of an ethno-nationalist regime.

We are committed to telling stories with a queer and feminist bent, and we will continue to use our art to promote a message of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance, even in an age of great political and social uncertainty.



Director/Writer: Mason Flink

Producer: The Norton School

Cast: Megan Rose Greene, Clayton Farris, Victor Mazzone, Lauren Flans

DP: Camille Cottevetre

Editor: Mason Flink

Production Sound: Hilary Gish

Sound Design: Dave McKeever

Composer: Mason Flink