In the style of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, MAX & ELSA pays homage to The Sound of Music by ditching Maria and the children to explore the darker (and drunker) adventures of Uncle Max and the Baroness — the two people for whom the hills were not alive with... well, you know.

At the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival, MAX & ELSA received the most award nominations of any show in the festival, including a nomination for the Fringe’s highest honor, the coveted Top of the Fringe.  Writers Mason Flink and Lindsay Kerns took home the O-Face Award for Most Orgasmic Writing and the Inkwell Playwright’s Promise Award, and the production was named Best World-Premiere Play at the 2015 Fringe by StageSceneLA


PRODUCERS: Mason Flink & Lindsay Kerns

DIRECTOR: Mason Flink

WRITERS: Mason Flink & Lindsay Kerns

CAST: Clayton Farris, Megan Rose Greene, Frank Smith, and Matthew Gilmore

DESIGN TEAM: Jean Ansolabehere (Stage Management), Brandon Baruch (Lighting Design), Alysha Bermudez (Sound Design), Lindsay Kerns (Set/Graphic Design), Mason Flink (Composer), Megan Rose Greene (Costume Design)

... deliciously clever... some of the funniest lines you’ll hear between now and Fringe’s end — if not beyond.”
— Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA
... the hoot-filled dialogue is fastidiously character-driven and at times downright serious. Both Max and Elsa, brought to vivid life by Clayton Farris and Megan Rose Greene, are wholly believable beings.
— Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema
I have no hesitation in commending the show for all.
— Michael Van Duzer, Stage Happening & Showmag